Goal & Dream Setting – Wendy Lowis Bates

A large group of us met for coffee at The Black Dog Tearoom in Uplyme where we had the opportunity to listen to the wonderful Wendy Lowis Bates about Goal & Dream Setting.

Wendy told us about her goal and dream dynamic workshops designed to find the tools to achieve and maintain existing goals and to find creative ways to discover new ones.

Many ladies went on to work with Wendy, including myself, and we hope to bring you some new workshops from Wendy in 2017.

Thank you to The Black Dog for hosting www.oldblackdog.co.uk


Post event note: Since doing the workshop with Wendy I have realised that 2 business goals and a personal goal have already been achieved – Lisa

I would like to share my experience of Wendy Lowis Bates ‘ Goals and Dreams’ workshop a couple of weeks ago. It was an amazing day, held at Wendy’s bright and beautiful home, overlooking Charmouth Bay. In a small group we had to look at some of the things we are searching for in our lives, be they Social, Material, Physical, Emotional or Spritual. Then as the workshop progressed I found I naturally became aware of thoughts and feelings, and conditions in my life which were making me quite unhappy,Wendy has a gentle way of helping you realise what’s holding you back and how you can make some small or big changes in your life. It is a very personal experience,but the support of the group is also an important part of this journey of self awareness. It is really affordable and lunch is provided. Make friends and find support in this fabulous workshop. I highly recommend it!
Wendy’s workshop on ‘goal setting and dreams’ enabled me to turn my ‘ If only…..’ And ‘ I wish I could…’ Into productive rewarding reality. I recommendWendy’s workshop for those who have dreams and goals who are willing to be honest with themselves and willing to do the footwork. Go for it!

Meg Devine

Date: 4th Feb 2016

Thank you Wendy for showing that we can turn our dreams into goals and our goals into reality


Founder, Lyme Bay Ladies