Another successful Group Coaching session this time in Exeter. Lyme Bay ladies networking met to share our Group Coaching Session with those that who wanted to find out more about the programme that we are running in June, and experience the benefits of coaching and being part of a group of likeminded business women.  We had a fantastic morning with great energy and engagement from all the women who participated.

Thank you to the venue – Exeter Golf & Country Club – for hosting us.

During the morning we looked at what “Thinking Better for Success” actually means and how this can impact our businesses and lives.  Whilst the programme has been aimed at women running a business (any size, age, turnover etc), not everyone who attended the session was running their own business. Some were just exploring what they can do going forward while others were looking at how they could grow a sustainable business.

The focus of the session was to think about what success means to you and importantly what the things are that get in the way of having the success that you want.  Typically, what stops us most in life is not what happens externally to us, but how we think and feel about something.

“Doubts and Fear stop more dreams than failure ever did.”

Studies in the UK have demonstrated that whilst more and more women in the UK becoming self-employed, many more women would start a business if it wasn’t for the fear of failure (‘Global Entrepreneurship Monitor’ London Business School, 2013)

The great thing though is that we have the ability to change what we think – accelerated through powerful questioning and coaching.  By changing our thinking, we can change our behaviours and get different results in life. This really does give us the choice of how we want to respond in any situation and this gives us a greater sense of control and fulfilment in life.

After looking at mindset we finished the morning looking at the Wheel of Life, which is a powerful and incredibly versatile coaching tool.  It gives you clarity today of where you today and prompts the question of where you would like to be.  Through coaching you can close this gap and really start to have the results you want in all areas of your life – not just in business!

The session was a great introduction to the power of coaching, lead to some powerful insights for some participants and everyone had a clear next step on how to close their gap.

The taster session is not only fun but the chance to get a taster of what the group coaching programme is like and a great opportunity to network and meet other women living near you.


10th May 2019

Another lovely group of inspirational women at the Delivering Success Taster Session this morning in Exeter.

April Rose

Owner, April4Health