A huge thank you to Sue Blanch for being our guest speaker this month.

Sue Blanch:

‘I’m a menstrual cycle consultant, yoga teacher and author of Yoga and the Menstrual Cycle, – Live in Harmony with your Natural Rhythm. I struggled with my cycle for 30 years until I found that living in sync with my natural cyclical changes and the optimal type of yoga at the appropriate time eliminated my period pain and premenstrual syndrome. To my surprise I also discovered benefits to having a cycle that I never knew existed, like times when I am full of creativity, which I now capitalise on. I love to share this powerful approach with women through my book, workshops, blog and social media’

Sue talked to us about the Creative Cycle and how to fulfill our creative potential in any type or size of project in any area of our lives by living cyclically. She gave us examples of how it works in practice from her experience of writing and self-publishing her book.

Thank you Sue!

Next month we are meeting a week early on the 14th of Dec. Theme will be show & sell so bring along products or brochures from your business to share with the other business owners.


16th Nov 2018

Really interesting discussion on the creative cycle

Lisa Eastwood

Founder, Lyme Bay Ladies