Welcome to the Lyme Bay Ladies (LBL).

I started the Lyme Bay Ladies on Facebook in October 2015 as I was keen to find a way to bring ladies together for friendship, support and business networking. I was particularly inspired by the quote, ‘Alone we are strong, together we are stronger’.

The group has grown quicker than I imagined and there is now in excess of 2,000 of us chatting and supporting each other online. I have enjoyed meeting ladies at coffee mornings, walks and many social events including wine tasting, cocktail evenings and charity fundraising events all resulting in a strong, dynamic network of friendship and support.

Ladies running their own businesses have benefitted from tailor-made workshops and informative talks alongside the numerous networking opportunities. Many have seen their business grow, or have been inspired to start a business, by connecting and sharing information in this open forum.

The incredible impact of the kindness, honesty and professionalism of likeminded, inspirational women networking together has been the key to the success already achieved. I know many ladies, myself included, have benefitted from being part of LBL and my wish is to help and nurture many more. The website and membership options have been designed with that in mind.

Join Lyme Bay Ladies for as little as £1 per month and stay with us on Facebook as it’s a fantastic forum for us to share and connect.

I look forward to welcoming you to the group.

Lisa Eastwood

Founder – Lyme Bay Ladies