We were so privileged to have Maria Morris from Your Own True Nature as our guest speaker. So many tips on things we can do instantly to reduce anxiety and stress and so much more. Please take a look at her website as there are some free resources and look out for LBL special offers from Maria.

Here is a flavour of our morning:

‘Give me just 6 minutes and I’ll give you a quiet mind all day. Forget about stress. Forget about worry. And even forget about feeling anxious. If you feel that your life or work is just too frenetic and too fast or you just don’t have enough time to “fit everything in” then join me and others at this event:

Calm Body and Clear Mind

I’m willing to bet you wouldn’t mind taking just six minutes to make your mind go as quiet as church dust. No more negative self- talk or destructive self-criticism. I’ve seen people like you go from stressed to feeling their best.  In only 6 minutes a day.

What’s their secret? They’ve tuned into nature.

Don’t worry if you can’t get into nature every day because just looking at specific scenes of nature forces your mind to slow down. Your brain releases powerful “happy chemicals” making you feel good for hours.

And even better… this event lasts longer than six minutes. So, there will be plenty of time for me to show you ways to be more productive, achieve your goals, feel good about yourself and gain a sense of calm that will last and last. They only take a few minutes and are so simple to use.

After hearing what I have to say and nature viewing people tell me “they feel 150% better” or they are 30-50% less stressed in just 6 minutes’


21st September 2018

Wow what an amazing morning – thank you Maria!

Lisa Eastwood

Founder, Lyme Bay Ladies