Premium Member, Nayna Kumari, kindly offered to host a talk for LBL on a variety of subjects and we chose to discuss bereavement.

Nayna was able to share with us a brief explanation of the science behind grief and explore why bereavement and loss is so difficult to ‘get over’ – why you can come to terms with loss intellectually but not emotionally. We also discussed why it is so difficult to support somebody who is grieving and explored what might be helpful to do and say and what generally might not.

Thank you to Diane Earle from The Hub for hosting us and to Chris Tipping from Hyggs for donating a delicious White Velvet cake which we auctioned off in aid of The Hub and to Claire Barrow of The Jewel Barrow for being the top bidder!

Please take a look at The Hub’s FB page and consider it for your next event.

Thank you Nayna and look forward to listening to your talk on stress at our new Bridport Networking Event.


28th September 2017

Really interesting and moving talk – thank you Nayna

Lisa Eastwood

Founder, Lyme Bay Ladies