Inspiring morning with Wendy Lowis Bates. Thank you to Rosemarie from Dower House Hotel for hosting us – delicious cake!

Following the success of her workshops, Wendy has launched some new dates and took us through the details and we heard from Ladies that have benefitted from attending this day:

Goal Setting Dream Dynamic Workshops

Find and focus on your goals and dreams and make them become a reality in 2018.

This one day workshop is designed to find, focus and manage what you want to achieve this year and beyond. Once those goals are found, the workshop is designed to bring forth the motivational energy to look at how you can achieve these goals, how realistic they are, and what support you may need to achieve them.

You may well have a eureka moment and could feel like you wish to change direction completely, it is ok to do this. We look at your intention, what lies behind your desires and how this can make a big difference in how successful you are in achieving your goals.

The focus will be looking at setting goals related to small businesses, yet we will also we look at factors in our personal lives which we wish to transform and aspects that we wish to change.

Benefits of Goal/ Dream setting:

  • Ability to unearth dreams and goals in your subconscious mind of things you would like to happen this year
  • Personal Growth. A shift and transformation in your mind, so that you begin to view your life in a renewed and invigorating manner
  • Personal Responsibility for your Life, goals give your mind clarity and definition
  • Prioritisation of Activities. Have a plan rather than drifting into other people’s plans
  • Developing further skills and talents
  • Goal/ Dream Setting increases desire, passion and motivation, enhances awareness and helps identify strengths and weaknesses, improves self-image and energises your body

The Workshop:

We will use goal-setting models, meditation, brainstorming and some NLP as tools on this workshop

Lovely comfortable venue with a Sea view located in Charmouth

Times 10.00am -3.00pm

Cost £60 includes lunch and follow-up morning after 6 months

**LBL members receive 10% discount price – £54. Please quote your membership number when booking**


Please contact Wendy directly to secure your place. Payment required at time of booking. Email: or call 07956 914017

Maximum of 6 ladies on each workshop

Monday 12th March


Friday 23rd March


Wednesday 28th March

Other dates may be added if required so please let Wendy know if you would like to put your name down.

Wendy also offers ongoing support on a 1-2-1 basis


“The goal setting day brought into focus the direction I wanted to head in and enabled me to move through my doubts, reignite my energy and spur me into action.’” Sarah Miller

“Wendy has a gentle way of helping you realise what’s holding you back and how you can make some small or big changes in your life.” Meg Devine

“Wendy’s workshop on ‘goal setting and dreams’ enabled me to turn my ‘ If only…..’ And ‘ I wish I could…’ Into productive rewarding reality” Thorpe Hind

“ A very relaxing group, with wisdom and experience. I found I have more focus and clarity on what I want to achieve ” Penny Callaghan

“It helped me to think about my life and find out things I would like to see happen. I was fearful when I walked in but by the end of the day I became very inspired. “ Helen Brown

” I felt before – no, I can’t. Now I feel, yes I can and I will ” Sara Waplington

(I found] “Empowerment and self belief ” Nathalie Andrews

“I loved Wendy’s meditation style and how it inspired thoughts and ‘ eureka ‘ moments ” Mina Fountain

” The environment and Wendy’s training style made me feel I could share personal things about myself and see my full potential ” Anne Townsend


27th February 2018

Really inspiring – thank you Wendy!

Lisa Eastwood

Founder, Lyme Bay Ladies