What an inspirational couple of days spent with a group of Lyme Bay Ladies and led by Premium Member Jane Hanford. We met at The Room Upstairs which is a wonderful venue run by another Premium Member Janette Edmonds.

We covered the fundamental Buddhist insights and practices and how to bring them into our day-to-day experiences. We learnt how to become more happy and resilient using these practices. We looked at how the challenges we face are shared by many others, and were inspired by examples of how the Buddhist approach has helped others. We found ways to embed these learnings into our everyday lives so that following the workshop we can continue to learn and grow in happiness.

We were shown breathing techniques, meditation and mindfulness as well as delving deeper into awareness of ourselves and others. It was gentle but powerful and has already impacted those that attended.

Thank you Jane.


2nd & 3rd April 2019

This workshop has truly changed my life

Lisa Eastwood

Founder, Lyme Bay Ladies