Over 30 of us met at Hawkchurch Resort & Spa for a session on Thinking Better for Success from experienced coaches Isabel Knight and Annie Lee. What a buzz there was in the room! Thank you Annie & Isabel

Also a huge thank you to Lisa and Richard from Hawkchurch Resort & Spa for looking after us so well. All proceeds from the event went to their chosen charity Families for Children and we raised £140.

Isabel & Annie took us through the benefits of group coaching and we had interactive sessions and group work – 2 hours was just not enough! We then launched a very exciting set of workshops that will give LBL access to coaching with Isabel & Annie and a very affordable rate. The first programme is running from the 8th of March and we currently have a waiting list for places. If you are interested in the dates below or future dates please email Isabel or Annie to get your name on the list.

Here are some details on the programme:

Group Coaching Programme

  • Are you too busy doing stuff to think and plan how to grow your business to the next level?
  • Do you want to spend quality time working ON your business instead of IN your business?
  • Are you tired of working on your own?

If you are a business owner, sole trader or freelancer then come and join a small group of like-minded individuals and learn how to think better to deliver the results and success that you want in your business and life.

Connect, communicate and collaborate with other women in the group to mutually support and challenge each other to set and achieve business goals, increase your personal accountability and help your business to flourish.

Why join?

  • Develop your ability to think and challenge yourself more effectively
  • Take time to focus and plan with structure and direction
  • Solve current issues and realise opportunities to grow your business
  • Set goals and be held accountable for them
  • Learn and share business experience with others in a supportive and motivating environment
  • Get access to powerful business coaching at an affordable cost

Group Coaching Format

Each group has a minimum of 6 participants who meet for a morning once a month for three months. The sessions are facilitated by a professional business coach and during each session you will use powerful tools to help you clarify your thinking, improve your self-awareness and develop an action focused, positive mindset. In between sessions you will work on your own identified actions to move you forward in your business and have access to online support between sessions.

Lyme Bay Ladies offer for the Thinking Better for Success Group Coaching Programme

1-2-1 business coaching typically costs upwards of £125 per hour, however the return on investment from the coaching is often multiple times this. For many small business owners coaching can seem to be the luxury of larger organisations. However, by offering group coaching we believe this is an affordable way for more business owners, like you, to reap the benefits of powerful coaching.

Normal price:                                                                                                                                  £195 per programme

Lyme Bay Ladies Business & Premium members price:                                        £125 per programme

(Price includes coffee and refreshments)

The first group will meet at Hawkchurch Spa from 9.30am – 12pm on the following dates:

Thursday 8th March                           Thursday 19th April                            Thursday 24th May

For more information and any questions contact:

isabel@mapyourfuture.co.uk 07939 802975           annie@annieleeassociates.com 07796 990630


8th February 2018

Amazing energy in the room – what a fantastic morning!

Lisa Eastwood

Lyme Bay Ladies, Founder