8th June 2017

We are really lucky to have many talented and inspiring ladies in our group and today we had the pleasure to hear fromĀ 3 of our experienced business coach members:

Dawn Crossingham – Dorset Growth Hub (free advice for businesses in Dorset)

Annie Lee – Annie Lee Associates

Isabel Knight – Map Your Future

They talked to us about coaching and the positive impact it can have in understanding what you want to achieve, both within your business and personally, and then driving that forward. How it’s about changing mindset, setting a plan and putting in steps & actions to achieve that plan. Also how the support of a coach and a peer group can keep you accountable and on that road to achieve your goals and dreams.

As women we often feel the need to do it all ourselves or sometimes we don’t value our time enough to invest in the help we need so that we can concentrate on the things we are passionate about. Maybe it’s a good timeĀ to look at the areas of your life that you struggle with or that take you away from your dreams and get the support you need? Maybe that’s looking for an accountant, cleaner or someone to do your social media which will free up your time and reduce your stress levels. It’s time to invest in you and that may well include working with a business coach. I’ve spoken to many people who’s life and business has moved forward leaps and bounds once they started working with a business coach so it’s well worth the investment.

There is talk of setting up some group coaching workshops – if this is of interest please email info@lymebayladies.co.uk and we will keep you updated.

Thank you again to Dawn, Annie and Isabel and also Sonia at The Black Dog for hosting us again.

Contact details for all on the business directory.