The Lyme Bay Ladies have not only helped me promote my business, it has also given me the opportunity to make some wonderful friendships with ladies I may never have met. It’s always a great ‘go-to’ place if you’re looking for local information, as there’s always someone that has the answer!

Jane Newberry

Joining the Lyme Bay Ladies has been wonderful for me.  As a relative newcomer to the area, its’ really helped me to integrate with local women, and find out who does what!  I’ve met lots of smart, savvy and talented women and made some great new friends.  Massive thanks to Lisa Eastwood for setting it up and working tirelessly to run such a great organisation.

Becky Lippett

I am thankful for women like you who put the time and effort into creating groups like this enabling like minded people to get to know each other and work and play together. The world can be a lonely place, groups like these make it better. Thank you

Sally Coles

When a member of LBL told me how helpful they had been to her I thought I need to take a closer look! I inquired about membership and was asked if I would like to meet Lisa & Mary to discuss how it would work. I was not sure about getting too involved with LBL as I didn’t understand what it was completely about. After meeting Lisa & Mary I am very impressed about what has been done and the plans they have. Dottie Kitchen will be joining as a premium member and Clovelly Guest House will be a Business member and I’m looking forward to working closely with LBL in the future.

Alethea McLoughlin

Lbl…created a really friendly circle of people in business or friendship ..great for someone like me moving from abroad not really knowing anyone.It  provided an amazing opportunity to meet interesting people professionally and personally. ..a great network to help each other in a fast growing community.its never matters if you can’t make any event or  go to them all… a hand is always held out ..willingly…always made to feel welcome with a warm vibe.

Jane Briggs-Harrison

Thank you Mary Kahn and LBL for a brilliant Business Planning workshop. Very well put together, pertinent for all, great ideas, wealth of knoweldge…..and delicious cake 😊

Dana Haydon-Sycamore

We are all so lucky, having a network of like minded people who are there to support each other. It’s great to help raise money for charity as well. Long may it continue.

Alison Ayshford-Harris

I have lived in Charmouth for a year now and feel so fortunate that I came across the LBL group within a week of arriving here. It has been a fantastic source of friendships, business opportunities and information about wonderful events in the area. Also a great resource for finding out everything and anything from the best restaurants and cafes, where to go for a great breakfast or even where to find gluten free cake! Also a great resource for beauty and hair. I have found a great hairdresser, masseurs, and nail technicians, Therapists and alternative practitioners. I have found out where to go for stunning Walks, Nature trails, and wild swimming . I have used the site so often to find out things it’s been a fantastic resource for me in every way. Also, business wise I have been working on putting together Holistic trainings for the past few years, and with the encouragement of Lisa Eastwood who set up the LBLgroup I was able to put on and do a talk about these trainings at one of her coffee mornings and have facilitated several ‘Goal and Dream’ workshops at the beginning of the year. I have been delighted with the response and results of these workshops and am looking forward to doing many more in the New Year. So I would recommend the group to anyone. The coffee mornings are a wonderful way to meet new ladies and with Lisa’s positive and supportive way, the atmosphere is great and you meet lots of interesting people. All I can say is Thankyou for setting up such a great site.

Wendy Lowis Bates

This was my first time at an event. I found it really inspiring and friendly. There are so many different women with a whole range of skills and interests. I found the depth of my conversations with people quite poignant and lovely. How lucky we are to have this group. Thank you Lisa and Mary

Meg Devine

There really is an amazing collection of women in this group with such varied skills and businesses, who knew that “the Bay” held such a wealth of talent? This group is a lovely way to celebrate and share them, thank you!

Mary Lewis

I joined Lyme Bay Ladies in its infancy last year and can’t believe how it has grown from the 10’s of members to 100’s . We are a bunch of amazing ladies from all walks of life, many like myself have relocated to Devon and the Lyme Bay Ladies network is like a golden thread through my life, providing professional peers and support, friendships and fun, and lovely connections to this awesome community of Devon’s powerful and gentle women.

Marina Grazier